As Christians, we are commanded to do everything to the glory of God and to give our talents and giftings to Him. But how do I give my gift in art to God? Even though I haven’t mastered this concept, I do know that being an artist has allowed me to know God as the Creator more intimately because I have been given a portion of His creative character. As an artist, I create different art work and crafts with many different mediums; each piece of art is unique.  When a project goes wrong or is more difficult than planned, I press on, because I have a vision of how beautiful it will look in the end. When a project is complete, I take special care to ensure nothing bad will happen to it and to ensure it doesn’t break or tear. I’m horrified of the thought of any of my projects being damaged or destroyed, and I’m always sad to depart with one. How much more does our Creator care about us! He has hand crafted each and every one of us, and He cares for us infinitely more than I do for one of my projects. So as you wear one of these beautiful creations, or as you look at it upon your wall, remember that you are God’s beautiful creation, and He loves you more than you’ll ever know.



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